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   I am often asked about products that actually work. 

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​They have lots of great products too in addition to their supplements.


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We feel this is the best 
         ear cleaner​        
This is what we use to flush the ear after cleaning with  foaming ear cleaner
       EAR CARE
We worm puppies once a month for the first 4-5 months, then dogs twice a year thereafter. 
Diatomacious earth is also a good wormer. To use this we give 1 heaping tablespoonful in some food once a day for 10 days consecutive. 
 Flea & Tick
             We recommend only natural products.
Typical products recommended by vets nearly always
contain dangerous poisons that can and do cause serious ill effects.

Diatomacious earth is also a very good flea killer and can be  applied to the dog or on bedding, ground, and carpets.

This brand of rawhide is 99% digestible and contains no chemicals or additives. Our dogs love them!
Water Buffalo ears. All natural and another of my dog's favorites!
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